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This is an announcement and an invitation.

For much of 2010 I’ve had opportunity to work with a remarkably diverse group of Restoration bloggers at one of the most-frequented LDS blog sites, Mormon Matters. They invited me to join their panel of writers in order to provide additional Community of Christ perspective on issues affecting both churches. I also got to further the mission of The Fire Still Burning (i.e., this site) in exploring the implications of Restoration theology  and modern science for each other.  Occasionally, I got to share personal testimony or a devotional reflection that really is not the focus of this blog. Synergy for everyone.

Then in late September, during a literal 48-hour period, a series of events led to a parting of the ways between that panel of writers and John Dehlin, founder of that site. Those events have been aired — probably more than necessary — on a number of LDS sites, including Mormon Matters itself, so I will not bother to provide further commentary here. 

In short, John has chosen to take Mormon Matters in a new direction. Nearly all of the permanent bloggers there, on the other hand, have chosen to continue and expand our journey in a new vehicle which we will formally launch on Monday, October 4. That new vehicle is Wheat & Tares.

We have nine bloggers on the initial roster there:  Mormon Heretic, Bored in Vernal, Hawkgrrrl, Stephen Marsh, Jeff Spector, Adam F, Andrew S, JMB, and this strange guy FireTag. Except for the strange guy, most of these writers are well-known in LDS blogging circles and are responsible forthe success achieved by the Mormon Matters site. (The strange guy’s reputation in the much smaller world of CofChrist blogging remains to be seen.)

All of us launching Wheat & Tares plan to continue what we’ve done well — looking at Mormon ideas from multiple perspectives to clarify each other’s vision — while expanding the field of topics we cover. As soon as the launch is complete, you’ll see a reorganization of the blogroll at this site to provide direct links to Wheat & Tares as well as the individual blogs of these writers.

Of course, when opening new fields, it’s especially hard to tell whether what’s growing is a potential crop, or unwanted seeds of grass or wildflowers left behind in the soil. That’s what the wheat and tares parable is about: nourishing both the correct and the incorrect until they can be identified for what they are. It’s a patience-trying process, but it’s the only way to expand the cultivated area. 

So come join us at Wheat & Tares as we look for wheat beginning Monday, October 4.


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