ABOUT: The Blogroll

Sites placed on the blogroll include sites I most frequently read and where I sometimes post or comment.  Some of the “editorial” views of those sites contradict each other; obviously I can’t logically endorse the views of all of them.  However, if the purpose of The Fire Still Burning is to better introduce modern science and restoration belief systems to each other, I need to ensure that the dialogue is diversified.

I seek to promote that diverse dialogue by providing links to the main “conservative” bloom of the Restoration (The LDS Bloggernacle), the main “progressive” bloom  (The CofChrist Blogitorium), and the science and technology sites most likely to examine issues touching these Restoration belief systems. 

The Blogitorium is still small enough to be accessable through a relatively small number of nodes; the Bloggernacle has long since grown beyond the ability to track without index sites, one of which is also included on the Blogroll here to do what I can’t do. Someday, perhaps, I’ll be able to expand the conversation by including some of the smaller portions of the Restoration movement.


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